Seizures Services Offered In Alpharetta, GA

About Seizures

Seizures occur due to abnormal electrical activity in the brain. The abnormal activity affects behavior, causing symptoms like staring, confusion, involuntary muscle movement, and/or loss of consciousness. Seizures may occur from an underlying medical conditions like a brain injury, stroke, or an infection. However, seizures that occur spontaneously more than once may be signs of epilepsy.

Seizure Q & A

What are the types of seizures?

Seizures are classified into types based on the area of the brain affected and the type of symptoms you have. Seizures fall into one of two categories: generalized or focal seizures.

  • Generalized seizures: Generalized seizures are seizures that cause abnormal electrical activity throughout the entire brain at the same time. These types of seizures may cause various symptoms like staring (absence), jerking (myoclonic), or tonic (body stiffness and falls).

  • Focal seizures: Focal seizures cause abnormal electrical activity in one area of the brain, which may spread to other areas. Initial symptoms of a focal seizure may include flashes of light or ringing in the ears. As the seizure spreads, other symptoms may appear, like staring or confusion.

  • How are seizures diagnosed?

    When you come in with concerns about seizures for you or your child, your provider takes an in-depth history and performs a neurological exam to get you the right diagnosis. Further evaluation may also include an electroencephalogram (EEG), which is a diagnostic test that assesses electrical activity in your brain. EEGs can help find out what type of epilepsy or seizures you are experiencing, and prescribe appropriate medication.

    How are seizures treated?

    Dr. Greene can personalize your seizure treatment plan based on the seizure type and severity of symptoms. Most patients experience improvement in seizure activity with anti-seizure medications. Dr. Greene will work closely with you to find the medication that provides the best relief with the fewest side effects. No matter the type or severity, Greene Neurological and Medical Consulting’s goal is to help you or your child become seizure-free. For seizure care from an experienced neurologist, call Greene Neurological and Medical Consulting or request an appointment online today.